how cool is that?


pre-collections are always exciting, 
as they carry a glimpse of the main collection, 
of what is coming.
for resort 2012 it was celine, who stole my heart.
this time around it is a big surprise!
givenchy pre-fall 2012.
o-m-g. the boots are the just incredible. 
joan smalls and lea t..
and the whole concept of shooting on the streets.
killer job mr tisci.



the days when i bought publications for their editorials are over.
 usually i purchase magazines for their written word.
in this overwhelming world of imagery, we are constantly surrounded by pictures.. 
and believe it or not, it is very hard nowadays 
to get me excited about magazines where pictures 
take over most of the content.
exceptions are always sweet and in this case disturbing:

a new magazine on the market is a collaboration between 
artist maurizio cattelan and photographer pierpaolo ferrari 
describing their project as 'mental outburst'. 
dive into the world of surrealism and check out more images at

note : if you would like to have a closer look,
tate modern stocks it in london. 


clear view

colourful nail polishes make such a fun especially in winter time. 
but isn't it sometimes just hiding what is underneath? 
see how beautiful nude nails can be. 
the clear view is sometimes the most honest.

images from styleorectic


make a wish


here we go again! couple of days left until the next
fashion week in london.
this spring i had the great pleasure to assist
in the backstage area,
welcoming the autumn/winter trends, but this season i want
to see the shows from the other side.
since the door is open for the fashionista bloggers,
i am hoping for entry.
which show would you attend?



well/come to mystyle

what can i say?! i just got a bit tempted to show you a peek of my style...
and the occasion? one of my lovely friends gave me two! acne shirts with
the simplest smile: "they are too short for me."
well, im not afraid to pull off mens clothes,
especially if they are from one of my favourite brand.
im proud to say: im an acne girl now.

...the view from my home in budapest.
necklace - COS
backpack - from sweden
heels - topshop



always glad to find photographers with nice clean portfolios.
just love the architecture pictures.
b a u (your)haus


i wanna be an acne girl.

because it is never enough what you can get in the shops 
the current season and fashion is faster than a rollercoaster, 
let me tempt you and introduce my new love:
Acne ss11 pre collection.
to d i e for.
no question: i wanna be an acne girl.

- acnestudios.com -



01 COS 02 MMM

03 alexanderwang 04 rag&bone

05 complexgeometries 06 LD Tuttle

07 LFsC at NJAL


vivid pastel

2 days left until the london college of fashion graduate show.
this year you can watch the show live on their website.
watch out for a new hungarian designer: anna horvath.

"Her graduation collection was based on
Moholy’s levitating shapes and his life-long experimentations
on transparency: by using overlapping
see-through fabrics such as organza and chiffon,
Horvath was able to ”mix“ colours.
The shapes and propositions of the collection
were inspired by Art Deco fashion designers such as
 Marti, Anon and Atalier Bachwitz."

any thoughts?



before i left london,
i was helping out on a shoot for my uni middlesex.
3rd year fashion design students' collection
was photographed for their graduate look book.
more than 50 garments and 1 that really caught my eyes:
gorgeously made leather coats accompanied by
stretchy tight under garments
creating strong silhouettes.
very gareth pugh with a feminine touch..
watch out for her!

e d i t: i know this post got a fall/winter feeling,
i just couldn't resist!
summer moodboards coming soon!